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Honeysuckle Flowers has grown out of my special love of flowers and the countryside.  My childhood was spent in rural England surrounded by nature in a stunning English garden full of classic garden flowers.  I now have a large garden of my own where I grow many of my own flowers and greenery and gain inspiration from just looking out the window.     

After moving here to New Zealand raising my family I had always wanted to work with flowers.  After watching and learning from a top Auckland florist Honeysuckle was launched five years ago so I could continue with my passion but be home with my family as well.  I

My philosophy and desire is to create abundant and textually inspired arrangements which more often than not, reflect the season in which they were made. I  always take into consideration an aesthetic, a mood or sense of an occasion, all the while drawing attention to the uniqueness of every single flower I use.   Each wedding I work on is totally unique and I love working with couples to make the most of their budget and plan the florals for their wedding day.   

I love the Flower Classes and sharing my knowledge with others so they can enjoy them as much as I do.  Come to a class, relax and learn a few tricks of the trade and then make yourself something beautiful to take home with you.   Contact me to ask about upcoming classes.